Avetisian jewelry

Artyom Avetisian

 Artyom Avetisyan, an artist, sculptor, and designer has been on a journey in the world of jewelry, driven by a deep appreciation for mystery, symbolism, and the enchanting allure of the jewelry universe.

Avetisian Jewelry is a harbor where artistry meets craftsmanship, and every piece holds a secret waiting to be shared. 

Jewelry is a silent communicator, whispering stories and revealing secrets. It's an intimate form of self-expression, noticed, sometimes even in the gentlest embrace.

Avetisian Jewelry desires to create not just accessories but secrets, and stories eager to be told. Each piece is a tiny world of mystery and symbolism, an invitation to explore and unveil one's unique narrative.

Inspiration for Avetisian Jewelry comes from the rich diversity of life, reflecting the limitless array of forms and figures. Whether it's the simplicity of minimalism or intricate designs reminiscent of ancient eras or futuristic visions. From the echoes of centuries past to the whispers of a distant future, his creations embody the essence of life's journey. Each piece is a little conundrum, a fragment of this diverse tapestry, ready to accompany you on your personal odyssey.

Avetisian, where each product is created specifically for you.

Our small design laboratory ensures that your jewelry and accessories are created upon your order. Please note that this process takes 5-10 days, but it will be worth the wait. Thank you for choosing Avetisyan - here individuality meets artistry.